Monday, January 5, 2009


OK, so I know I should have done this on the 1st but this has been an unusually busy holiday season. Jason was home on leave as he was getting ready to leave again. The holidays are always busy anyway.

So onto resolutions.

One should be to blog more/better. Is that a correct sentence? Anyway, I need to update at least once a week. That should be easy. And with doing A Kiss on the Chic designs, it should be automatic!

Another will be to sleep more. I know, you're thinking what kind of resolution is that? But I truly do not get enough sleep and it's my own fault. So I resolve to get more sleep.

Another is to get back to drinking water more often. That also should be easy as I have plenty here at work.

Another will be to be better at household upkeep. I can't let it get into a sty as often. It takes too long to clean it up.

And last is the Project 365. I have to take a picture and jot a note EVERY DAY. I'm determined to keep up with I just need a camera. :)

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Water? I can help with fact I'm bringing some to your desk as soon as I press "submit" here.

Project 365 - what's that?

Cleaning your house? That's why you have 4 children, right? Put them to work.

Sleep more? Facebook. Need I say more?