Saturday, November 29, 2008

Duh! Pictures!

I realized I forgot to post pictures of our "Turkey Bowl". Hunh? Well, Jason decided since the NFL plays football all day, that the boys should, too. It had it's moments:

Here is how a typical play looked. Jason was quarterback for both teams and two were defense and two were offense. One had to touch the fence while holding the ball in order to score. There were no PAT.
Occasionally, Jason would mix things up with a pass play. This is called "great coverage" by the defense. Don't ask me who is the defense.

I love this shot of Carson giving Eli a play:

And not to be outdone is Jacob giving Ian a play (or he's looking for snot):

And here is how most plays ended up looking - Eli crying. Sometimes it was because he didn't get the ball, sometimes it was because he didn't score, sometimes it was because he got "tackled", but most times it was because he got hurt. I think this shot was before he got smacked in the forehead with the football. *sigh*

Man, I'm so lame

I realized I posted ON Thanksgiving but didn't post anything I was thankful for! Most of you who know me know that I am NOT a mushy type of person. So really, it's hard for me to make this long dramatic post about how I'm thankful we're all alive, thankful we have a home and food, etc. So, in the spirit of my non-traditional, non-mushy way, here's my thankful list:

Scrapbook supplies - without these, I would be a bigger blob spending more time in front of the tv. Or I'd be a big blob gamer in front of the computer
Scrappy friends - without these I might be a tad insane
DVR - dude, whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS!
Pioneer Woman, Rocco DiSpirito, Nigella Lawson, et al - I *heart* cooking and they've got great recipes!

OK, that's my list for now!

I think today we're going to put up the Christmas stuff so I'll try to come back with pics tonight or tomorrow!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Scrapping Spot

Here are some pages I did with the December Prudence kit from I love this kit!!!! Jill & Cathy also did a beautiful Christmas kit with Harmonie papers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The holidays are yummy at The Scrapping Spot. We've got two kits filled to the brim for YOU! You can see them here. Get into the spirit of the season with the gorgeous Harmonie "Canneberges et Petits Pois" line. These papers will evoke memories of Christmas past with traditional reds and greens, ornaments and fir trees. Wrap your pages in beautiful velvet glitter ribbon, poinsettias, a little bling, glitter words and a wonderful flocked alpha. Elegant comes to mind with the Crate Paper "Prudence" line. Rich colors of turquoise and moss green, this kit includes velvet brads, swirls of bling, crepe paper ribbon, glitter borders and an assortment of glitter die cuts. AND, November 21st to November 30th, EVERYTHING (except for December kits) is ON SALE! Stock up! FREE SHIPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY ONLY! Use code NOVSHIP to receive free shipping ONLY on Friday, November 28. Happy Holidays from TSS!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Studio Calico, BABY!

I did it! I took the plunge and asked Scarlet for a sub to Studio Calico. I've been drooling over these kits since they debuted last year. And I've been *swoon*ing over these kits since I received my first one in April. Oh. My. Word. Packed full of yummy goodness, neat mixtures of things, exclusive items, and a great price! I can't wait for December!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm so lazy

So I visit my own blog - not to document anything newsworthy for the day, but to find the links to the things I like to visit. I'm too lazy to put them here AND bookmark them. *sigh*

But, the good thing is I get to see my cute blog banner. I dunno, I just LOVE it! I wonder what I'll come up with for Christmas.

Off to watch tv!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I love ScrapStars!

Or maybe it's that I just love challenges. Whatever the case, I love seeing what challenge they come up with each week.

Here is my take on the current challenge which is to scrap a nickname. I didn't think it would be appropriate to scrap Carson and call it "Bully" or scrap Jacob and call it "Fart Boy" - so I went with "Whirling Dervishes". Is that even how one spells dervishes??? The point is, it was either call it this or call it "Flying Screaming Monkeys"!

And I'm still using pieces from the November A Kiss on the Chic kit! Girls, I'm telling you, this kit is uber packed!!!

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader

Well, really, we're doing are you smarter than a 6th grader. We're overachievers over at and we can't stop with just 5th grade. Jill posted the first challenge for 3rd grade today and I whipped out this digi page (elements from Michelle Underwood and Shabby Princess and sketch from

She challenged us to scrap "history" as that's the subject for 3rd grade. I picked this picture from Christmas 2004 when we lived in Europe. These little windmill type things are in every town. I miss Germany.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Dark Cloud

Yes, a dark cloud is hanging over us - literally and figuratively. It's FREEZING, cloudy, and rainy outside. At the football game this morning, we went from windy cold, to drizzle, to hot sun, back to cold, more drizzled, more sun, more wind and's madness!

The figurative cloud is the fact that football season is now over. While I'm glad to have my weeks and nights back for the first time since July, I am sad it's over. Really, it's going to take me a little while to get used to having the time to cook dinner, check homework, make the boys bathe, take Jacob to karate, etc. It's just all been put on the back burner for months. OK, so the boys have bathed but really not enough. *ewww*

The football team did such a great job! We played the defending champs today and we almost pulled it off. We scored and it was called back for holding. What??? Last 2 minutes of the game and we've just scored a game-tying touchdown and NOW the refs call the FIRST holding penalty of the game??? And to make matters worse, we watched the video a little while ago and there was no holding. Referees shouldn't determine the outcome of a game like that. Oh well, time to focus on other things and get ready for baseball season.

I'm not feeling scrappy today. It's dark outside, it's dark inside, there's football on tv, and I just want to veg today. Maybe tomorrow I'll scrap and post some fun things.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More AKOTC scrappiness!

I've got stuff from this kit for days and days!

This page I did for the challenge at

This one is of my child dancing his way through the football game last week. *roll eyes*

And my oldest is getting to be too old. *sniff*

An Award for Me?

So, Annette bestowed this on me:

OK, so I have to name 6 things I value and 6 things I don't value. And then I have to pass this award on to 6 other bloggers/friends.

I value:

1-pizza. Hey, it's the title of my blog. I have to get this in everything I do.

2-my boys. I can't be generic and say children because honestly, I don't want girls.

3-my husband. Well I have to be mushy and include him, too. Plus he keeps me in line.

4-my online friends. I can't really say in real life friends because a) I don't have that many due to moving around and b) I have a lot of online friends due to moving around.

5-my parents. Ooops, I almost forgot them!

6-humor. These lists are hard. I'm shallow and don't value much else.

I don't value:

1-lazy people. How much harder can it be to turn to the left and bring something to me rather than going the same distance to the right to put it in the mail room?

2-stupid drivers. Dude, seriously, if you need to be there that quickly, leave sooner. If you can't leave sooner, give it up and deal. And the white edge around a stop sign doesn't make it optional. Just because "no one else really stops there" doesn't mean you shouldn't. If I'm in the left lane PASSING OTHER CARS, get off my ass. I don't need bump-drafted.

3-the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, and all those other stupid reality shows.

4-the Big 10 football conference. Seriously, the SEC has killed you every time. Deal.

5-too much homework in 2nd grade. Can you tell I'm having issues with this?

6-laundry. The dryer is dinging now. *sigh*

AKOTC November kits

Better late than never, hunh? Here are the awesome November kits for A Kiss on the Chic!

I'm sooo excited to offer this Pink Paislee kit to you! I can't believe Rebecca was kind enough to let me have the scoop on this Brand New Product before anyone else!!! I will update the photos of this kit once all the product arrives! PLEASE NOTE: THIS KIT SEEN HERE IS NOT COMPLETE! WAITING ON SOME OF THE PP PRODUCT & JENNI BOWLIN PRODUCT TO ARRIVE... I will retake the photos once everything is here. You can see this is a GREAT value even without the other product!
Pink Paislee
Jenni Bowlin
American Crafts - Cardstock
Vintage Inspired Postcard Sheet

Prima - Pink Large Flower
Prima - Silver Small Flowers -
Etsy Find - Dictionary Flowers -

Pink Paislee - Tinsel Town - Rub-ons
Pink Paislee - Ribbon
Pink Paislee - Journaling Cards
Pink Paislee - Fashion Script - Green /Pink
Pink Paislee - Pixie Stix - Raspberry
Etsy Find - Felt Word Bubble
American Crafts - Silver Thickers Shapes
Vintage Inspired Bookprint Flowers - 2
Rachel Ashwell - "Wish" Ticket
Christmas Ornament -1 with Ribbon
Jenni Bowlin Star - 1
Crown Journaling Sheet
Vintage Mica Snow - 1 Bag
Prima - Clear Swirl
White Tag - 1
Misc. Ribbon & Pipe Cleaner
Misc. Buttons & Do-dads
Christmas Is Coming To Town Add On:
This is a GREAT add-on kit and will be a wonderful addition to the Main Kit! I am working on getting my Clear Scraps House Album finished with the Vintage Mica Snow! This is a gret album kit and would be a GREAT gift idea for someone special! Can you find the wonderful Etsy find in this kit??? Yup, it's another "Crochet" flower and again, it's my Etsy friend you did all of these one-of-a-kind by hand!
Pink Paislee - Tinsel Town
Websters Pages - Journal Card
American Crafts - Pink Cardstock
American Crafts - Thickers in Silver or Purple

Christmas is Coming to Town Add on Stamp:

This Thanksgiving kit is probably the most "Glamorous" Thanksgiving kit your going to find! I've had sooo much fun making this kit and I've added lots of sparkle!!! The black just makes this a unique Fall kit and will go with more then just your Thanksgiving pictures! I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I have and don't forget to check out the beautiful examples in the Kit Club Gallery by the Design Team!
Basic Grey - Ambrosia
Sassafrass Lass
American Crafts Cardstock - 2
1 Orange Paper Flower & Leaves
2 Large Orange Flowers - Prima
3 Black/Grey Flowers - Prima

Basic Grey - Ambrosia - Rub-on Pack
Basic Grey - Ambrosia - Element Stickers
Basic Grey - Ambrosia - Alpha Stickers
Basic Grey - Ambrosia - Brads
Basic Grey - Ambrosia - Fibers
Prima - Black Swirl
Jenni Bowlin - Large Bingo Card
Sassafras - Fall Rub-ons
Etsy Find - Journaling Label
Etsy Find - Dictionary flowers
Etsy find - Felt Saying
Misc. Ribbon
Misc. Buttons & Brads
Misc. Jewels
Black Tuile

Thankful For Add On Kit:

This Basic Grey album is sooo adorable! Have you seen the page tabs? Check it out for more detail on their website. This has some GREAT extras that you are not going to want to miss out on! Notice the crochet flower! Those are from a great Etsy lady who handmade every single one! Each one is one-of-a-kind!!! It has great dimension and I can't wait to use mine of something!

Thankful For Stamp Add On:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh dear

Hmmm, guess I need to change my banner. Yeah, I'll add that to my list of things to do this weekend.

The boys have given me their funk. Or at least tried to. The good thing is I haven't eaten dinner the past couple of days. The bad thing is when I eat lunch I feel all blech. At least I'm not achy like I was yesterday and the day before. Ughhh.

So, one of the local radio stations has started playing Christmas music...non stop...24/7....until Christmas. Now, the Boston Pops version of Sleigh Ride is my favorite Christmas song - but dude, I can't listen to it 5 times a day starting November 1st!!!! Seriously, there's like 150 years of Christmas music out there, surely you can come up with more than a 35-40 song playlist!!!

Football playoffs start tomorrow. A big part of me hopes we win because the boys have worked hard and I would love to see them go all the way. The cold and tired part of me wouldn't miss sitting at practice next week. Great, now I've jinxed the team!

Go Huskies!

Speaking of "Go Team" - Alabama plays LSU tomorrow. It's a big game. My butt's going to be parked right on the couch watching it, too! OK, after the pee wee game...and groceries...and buying Ian a birthday present or two....

And speaking of Ian - tomorrow is his 7th birthday. I'll have to take some special pictures of just him. If he'll let me...which he usually doesn't. Little snot. He wants a Lego castle thing that has a good castle and a bad castle. Hunh? Yeah, that's how he explained it to me. He apparently saw it at Kmart a few weeks ago. When did he tell me he wanted this thing? Last night. Guess where I'll be tomorrow....yup, at Kmart.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Sun Came Up

Yup, believe it or not, the sun actually still came up today. I've felt like Eeyore all day, though, with a big cloud over me. And it hasn't helped that the boys appear to have given me their funk - nausea, aches, headache - just blech. I will resume where I left last night - in prayer.

However, on a lighter note, check out my boy:

See what happens when he's not playing, Coach?????

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's Election Day. I am sitting in a silent house. I refuse to turn on the tv or look at the internet. I can't bear the thought of hearing all of the talking heads carry on about calling a state for one candidate or the other when less than 1% of the vote is in. How does that work?

I voted today. I haven't voted since the 2000 election. Not because I didn't want to, but when the Army moved us to Germany, my wonderful home county decided I didn't live here anymore and dropped me from the rolls. I didn't bother to re-register until this year. And I was almost too late. I'm such a procrastinator.

So, not only am I sitting without the tv and internet going but I am praying. Hard. Christina told me that we needed to pray that God's will be done. Oh, but it's hard. The outcome effects my life. Not just in the grand scheme of things, but literally. Jason's in the Army. The new chief could make or break his future. There are big decisions to be made depending on how it all ends.

Do I dare continue my morning ritual of turning on the tv for an hour before I go? I might have to leave it on SpongeBob all morning.

I wish I could go to bed with a feeling of peace in my heart. But I can't.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November already!

Man, I have lots going on! I know me. I have these grand plans of posting this long drawn out thing and then I'll get distracted after the first paragraph. Oh well.

So, first we had the sickness. I went and picked the boys up from daycare on Wednesday. Now remember, Wednesdays are my "free" nights or time to catch up during the week. THIS particular Wednesday was the Wednesday before Halloween. And the school can't allow the kids to wear regular costumes, they have to do "nursery rhyme" or career dress up day. Crap. Ian wanted to be the itsy bitsy spider. Figures. So I planned on Wednesday to make his spider "costume". Really, just black cardstock cut into leg shapes. It's just school, what did it matter? Also Carson had to write a speech for class elections that was due on Thursday. Great - apparently they don't teach keyboarding in 3rd grade so I had to plan to type that up. And Jason was coming home on Thursday so I needed to try to get the house presentable. And work was having a party for Halloween so I needed to prep my jalepeno peppers I was going to take. AND there was a "Fall Festival" at church. I'm tired all over again just typing all of that out.

So, I get to daycare and the boys run out to the car. I figure we'll run to church for up to an hour, go home, eat, frantically pick up, type the speech, and work on legs. I knew I'd have about an hour on Thursday after football to finish up the legs. As I'm walking out the door to daycare, Eli is in the parking lot...throwing up. *sigh* I start to walk him to the car and he throws up again. I run inside to get a wet paper towel, clean him up, get him to the car, and tell the other boys we're not going to the festival. *whine moan groan complain* I asked Eli if he felt ok to go to the party (you know sometimes you just need to throw up to feel better?). He said he wanted to go to the party but he didn't want to eat any cake. we ran to church. About 30 minutes into it, he threw up again. My mom kept the other boys there and I brought him home. All of my grand plans shot to heck. We sat on the couch and watched Power Rangers. I did get the speech typed and picked up the living room. Not nearly everything I had planned to do that night.

So Thursday comes and Jason comes home, we've got football practice, and I still haven't done my peppers. It took TWO hours! Friday is Halloween and my birthday. I was going to take off the whole day but I just couldn't miss the party! So off I go and then home again. Jason and I finish picking up the house, we pick up the boys, and we get them ready for Halloween. Oh, and not only do we have to get them ready to trick or treat, but Jason's mom wants us to run by there, AND he's wanting to fix me a special dinner for my birthday. Another crazy busy night.

Here are the boys in their finest:

Jacob went as "Shark Bait". Bwahahahaha! And did you know the lipstick is really hard to wash out of one's hair?

Carson went as a ....wait for player. That's his obsession.

Ian went as a sniper. Also his obsession. And he's good at it.

Eli went as a power ranger. This is an OLD costume. All the stuff we have and he wanted to wear the thing that's 4 years old. Whatever.

I'll come back later to post some scrappiness I did.