Monday, December 1, 2008

The Monster is Born

I did it. I'm not quite sure how it happened. I was at my usual haunts, posting snide comments and giving joy to people. When all of a sudden, without warning, without any kind of preparation whatsoever - I found myself joining Facebook. Within 30 minutes I had a profile, and album, a bunch of friends requested, several already accepted, and notes on my "wall". What the heck is a wall? Why didn't anyone tell me how friggin' addictive this place was???? I can't leave! I might miss something! I've got friends in Europe and Hawaii! How can I sleep when I've got 1/2 the timezones on the planet covered???


1 comment:

Candace H said...

Oh no, now I'm never going to get to "talk" to you. I don't text or facebook. Can I still email you at work? Guess I'm a pretty lousy spy... way behind the times technologically... no James Bond here...