Saturday, November 29, 2008

Duh! Pictures!

I realized I forgot to post pictures of our "Turkey Bowl". Hunh? Well, Jason decided since the NFL plays football all day, that the boys should, too. It had it's moments:

Here is how a typical play looked. Jason was quarterback for both teams and two were defense and two were offense. One had to touch the fence while holding the ball in order to score. There were no PAT.
Occasionally, Jason would mix things up with a pass play. This is called "great coverage" by the defense. Don't ask me who is the defense.

I love this shot of Carson giving Eli a play:

And not to be outdone is Jacob giving Ian a play (or he's looking for snot):

And here is how most plays ended up looking - Eli crying. Sometimes it was because he didn't get the ball, sometimes it was because he didn't score, sometimes it was because he got "tackled", but most times it was because he got hurt. I think this shot was before he got smacked in the forehead with the football. *sigh*


maryboys said...

your dry sense of humor is the best! i often laugh before i even read your posts over at are the master of the "understatement", no?!?

Candace H said...

These photos are wonderful - you really captured the turkey bowl and your boys!