Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh dear

Hmmm, guess I need to change my banner. Yeah, I'll add that to my list of things to do this weekend.

The boys have given me their funk. Or at least tried to. The good thing is I haven't eaten dinner the past couple of days. The bad thing is when I eat lunch I feel all blech. At least I'm not achy like I was yesterday and the day before. Ughhh.

So, one of the local radio stations has started playing Christmas music...non stop...24/7....until Christmas. Now, the Boston Pops version of Sleigh Ride is my favorite Christmas song - but dude, I can't listen to it 5 times a day starting November 1st!!!! Seriously, there's like 150 years of Christmas music out there, surely you can come up with more than a 35-40 song playlist!!!

Football playoffs start tomorrow. A big part of me hopes we win because the boys have worked hard and I would love to see them go all the way. The cold and tired part of me wouldn't miss sitting at practice next week. Great, now I've jinxed the team!

Go Huskies!

Speaking of "Go Team" - Alabama plays LSU tomorrow. It's a big game. My butt's going to be parked right on the couch watching it, too! OK, after the pee wee game...and groceries...and buying Ian a birthday present or two....

And speaking of Ian - tomorrow is his 7th birthday. I'll have to take some special pictures of just him. If he'll let me...which he usually doesn't. Little snot. He wants a Lego castle thing that has a good castle and a bad castle. Hunh? Yeah, that's how he explained it to me. He apparently saw it at Kmart a few weeks ago. When did he tell me he wanted this thing? Last night. Guess where I'll be tomorrow....yup, at Kmart.

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