Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Dark Cloud

Yes, a dark cloud is hanging over us - literally and figuratively. It's FREEZING, cloudy, and rainy outside. At the football game this morning, we went from windy cold, to drizzle, to hot sun, back to cold, more drizzled, more sun, more wind and's madness!

The figurative cloud is the fact that football season is now over. While I'm glad to have my weeks and nights back for the first time since July, I am sad it's over. Really, it's going to take me a little while to get used to having the time to cook dinner, check homework, make the boys bathe, take Jacob to karate, etc. It's just all been put on the back burner for months. OK, so the boys have bathed but really not enough. *ewww*

The football team did such a great job! We played the defending champs today and we almost pulled it off. We scored and it was called back for holding. What??? Last 2 minutes of the game and we've just scored a game-tying touchdown and NOW the refs call the FIRST holding penalty of the game??? And to make matters worse, we watched the video a little while ago and there was no holding. Referees shouldn't determine the outcome of a game like that. Oh well, time to focus on other things and get ready for baseball season.

I'm not feeling scrappy today. It's dark outside, it's dark inside, there's football on tv, and I just want to veg today. Maybe tomorrow I'll scrap and post some fun things.

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