Sunday, November 2, 2008

November already!

Man, I have lots going on! I know me. I have these grand plans of posting this long drawn out thing and then I'll get distracted after the first paragraph. Oh well.

So, first we had the sickness. I went and picked the boys up from daycare on Wednesday. Now remember, Wednesdays are my "free" nights or time to catch up during the week. THIS particular Wednesday was the Wednesday before Halloween. And the school can't allow the kids to wear regular costumes, they have to do "nursery rhyme" or career dress up day. Crap. Ian wanted to be the itsy bitsy spider. Figures. So I planned on Wednesday to make his spider "costume". Really, just black cardstock cut into leg shapes. It's just school, what did it matter? Also Carson had to write a speech for class elections that was due on Thursday. Great - apparently they don't teach keyboarding in 3rd grade so I had to plan to type that up. And Jason was coming home on Thursday so I needed to try to get the house presentable. And work was having a party for Halloween so I needed to prep my jalepeno peppers I was going to take. AND there was a "Fall Festival" at church. I'm tired all over again just typing all of that out.

So, I get to daycare and the boys run out to the car. I figure we'll run to church for up to an hour, go home, eat, frantically pick up, type the speech, and work on legs. I knew I'd have about an hour on Thursday after football to finish up the legs. As I'm walking out the door to daycare, Eli is in the parking lot...throwing up. *sigh* I start to walk him to the car and he throws up again. I run inside to get a wet paper towel, clean him up, get him to the car, and tell the other boys we're not going to the festival. *whine moan groan complain* I asked Eli if he felt ok to go to the party (you know sometimes you just need to throw up to feel better?). He said he wanted to go to the party but he didn't want to eat any cake. we ran to church. About 30 minutes into it, he threw up again. My mom kept the other boys there and I brought him home. All of my grand plans shot to heck. We sat on the couch and watched Power Rangers. I did get the speech typed and picked up the living room. Not nearly everything I had planned to do that night.

So Thursday comes and Jason comes home, we've got football practice, and I still haven't done my peppers. It took TWO hours! Friday is Halloween and my birthday. I was going to take off the whole day but I just couldn't miss the party! So off I go and then home again. Jason and I finish picking up the house, we pick up the boys, and we get them ready for Halloween. Oh, and not only do we have to get them ready to trick or treat, but Jason's mom wants us to run by there, AND he's wanting to fix me a special dinner for my birthday. Another crazy busy night.

Here are the boys in their finest:

Jacob went as "Shark Bait". Bwahahahaha! And did you know the lipstick is really hard to wash out of one's hair?

Carson went as a ....wait for player. That's his obsession.

Ian went as a sniper. Also his obsession. And he's good at it.

Eli went as a power ranger. This is an OLD costume. All the stuff we have and he wanted to wear the thing that's 4 years old. Whatever.

I'll come back later to post some scrappiness I did.


*SHeRRy B* said...

I love your boys costumes! That shark bait cracks me up!

Bibi said...

Wow, you've been BUSY! The kids costumes were great! Oh, and happy belated birthday!!!